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heh, so i'm making my first school-related post.

i was in the fall season's cross country team, running usually at 2nd in the team, behind Will Barkley. It was a very fun season, and helped relieve the stress i was facing then. There were countless hilarious incidents, like during a long bus trip out to Mount Saqs, David Shirafi told me he was gonna take me out to a nightclub and get me some women. I didn't believe him until he handed me a ribbed condom. It's still sitting on my desk, although it has long since expired past it's date of usage.

As fun as the season was, I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of interest in the team by the school at large. Running, admittably, is not the most glamorous sport, but it would have helped to have some of you guys come to the meets, as we were racing on your behalf. We played several times at areas that were close, such as Brentwood. The only people who showed up were parents and relatives of the runners. If nothing else, it would have been nice simply just to come out to support your friends.

The cross-country season didn't go as well as we thought it would. Factors way beyond our control led to some unfortunate incidents: the injury of many of the runners, and a crucial loss of practice time because of the fires.

looking forward to track in the spring though.
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