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Crossroads School

Santa Monica, California, USA

Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences
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Welcome to the Crossroads livejournal community, xroads_school. This is for students who go to Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California. Former students, alumni, and teachers/faculty/staff are also welcome.

Please post a welcome message when you join. If you don't want to be added to the directory, please indicate so. Otherwise, I'll add your name and year of graduation next to your livejournal name so that others can easily identify you.

Thank you,
Ian Martyn mooglepower
Class of 2004

B., Christina '07 - horsemaniac4eva
Burton, Xanthe '06 - rgdbxb
C., Cameron '06 - midnight364
Crestejo, Elise '04 - devidarkwolf
D., Naomi '04 - shizermcdougal
D., Erin '04 - femmephilosophe
Elkus, Adam '06 - dead_vegas
Frand, Jordan '06 - champagnesheik
Holmes, Brent '05 - homeless_guru
L., Summer '06 - bwaybaby1
Martyn, Ian '04 - mooglepower
M., Cris '04 - shrinkeydinc
P., Nadine '06 - toxicdreamer
Pretzlav, Alex '05 - wetzel
R., Tommy '04 - strife_cite
R., Maya '06 - missymaya07
S., Katie '06 - fantasylioness
Selvaggio, Giorgio '06 - masayuki
S., Tara '06 - tastyplacebos
V., Kella '06 - oohbaby
21st street, alley party, alleys, arts building, beth's kitchen, cadena, california, casillas market, crossfire, flag, grisanti gym, jazz band, lucy's, modern foreign language building, no cafeteria, pink socks, red rollercoaster thing, roadrunner, roadrunners, santa monica, security guards, sheet metal, taqueria chihuahua, the alley, upper school east, xjcl, xrds.org/alumni